10 Simple Tips for Improving Mobile Form UX

10 Simple Tips for Improving Mobile Form UX

Entering information into a form on your mobile device is a tedious process when the application is not well designed. David Moth, the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy, offers 10 tips to UX Designers working in ecommerce about how to reduce the impact of points of friction so the user has a pleasurable experience.  Here’s how you can simplify your mobile form:

1. Align labels vertically

2. Use large fields

3. Use GPS

4. Make calls-to-action as large as possible

5. Avoid optional fields

6. Condense into a single page if possible

7. Simplify the design

8. Use a progress bar

9. Give users the right tools for the job

For example: When entering numbers, show the user the numeric keypad so they can easily tap in digits.

10. Mask passwords for extra secuirty

Read the full article on Econsultancy’s blog to learn more details about these tips.

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