10 Tips to Become a Better Web Designer

10 Tips to Become a Better Web Designer

By Julia Salem

May 8, 2012

1. Read, Read, and Read Some More—Learn design theory by purchasing books about different aspects of design.

2. Set Yourself a Course of Study—Start by reading books on the basics and then dig deeper.

3. Work Through a Book Instead of Reading It—The act of doing as you read will be much more effective than just reading. If it’s not applicable to work through as you read, taking notes as you read is also very effective.

4. Experiment With Every New Site—Slowly try to apply what you’ve learned to your client work.

5. Find a Few Mentors—Choose a couple of designers, developers, marketers, etc to follow and learn from.

6. Create Problems for Yourself to Solve—You can’t always experiment on a client’s site, so you must find ways to create your own exercises and scenarios.

7. Study Websites—If you find websites you like, bookmark them to study in-depth and explore every aspect of the design and the code behind the site.

8. Don’t Try to Learn Everything at Once—Start by learning the basics, then explore one concept at a time.

9. Seek Inspiration—You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead seek inspiration from those before you and the world around you.

10. Rinse and Repeat—Learning never stops. Keep doing all of the above and revisit the basics.

Source: VanSEODesign

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