4 Market Intelligence & Analysis Tools for Mobile Apps

New apps flood the stores every day, climb the top app charts, and change the way users interact with their devices.  Monitoring the app marketplace during every stage of development can help your company create smarter apps.  Gathering market intelligence involves collecting data about what is happening in your target app market, what the issues are, what competitors are doing, what customers or consumers are doing, and then determining the market potential for a new product or service.  Besides analyzing external data, you also need to gather internal data, and watch the trends on social media.  Now that would be a lot of time-consuming Big Data if you were responsible for collecting all of that information yourself.  Thankfully, there are market research services for apps that focus on market intelligence, Big Data, and analysis.  Whether your app is newly released, being tested, or still in the brainstorming stage, the following four services provide a number of tools that can assist you with your market research.

App Annie:

  • The App Annie Index: Market Insights into Global App Stores tracks app trends plus iOS and Google Play worldwide app rankings.
  • Store Stats and keyword ranks for free and paid apps on iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows.
  • App Annie Intelligence can enhance your mobile app strategy by giving you data including app downloads, revenues, total active users, user demographics and more.
  • Track your own app data, advertising data, and mobile ad platforms on one analytics dashboard.


  • Offers competitive intelligence that keeps you up-to-date about what users are saying about your competitors in reviews, what keywords they’re targeting in app store search, and what features they’re launching.
  • Their analytics track your performance in iOS and Google Play app stores for: search rankings, top charts, downloads/revenue, and web-to-app transitions.
  • Keyword research will tell you what terms to target in app store search and their Sonar product will help increase your rankings quickly.

7Park Data:

  • Their app data is gathered from real-time, on-device monitoring of millions of mobile phones and tablets streaming billions of data points on key metrics such as “active” users, engagement trends (time spent and session volume), retention rates and penetration.
  • You can assess market opportunities by comparing similar apps, track portfolio companies, and benchmark competing apps.
  • Models key functional metrics and shows inflection points to help generate ideas.
  • Gives you the ability to isolate users into groups for analysis and behavior evaluation.


  • Maps out user’s path and allows you to segment users based on any combination of factors, including events, to understand how different types of customers use your app.
  • Category-level benchmarking shows how your app performs versus the competition on session length, frequency of use, and retention.
  • Flurry can estimate key demographics for your app, such as age and gender and create Personas (psychographic profiles based on user actions across apps), so you can learn how different users engage with your app.

These market research services, as well as others, place emphasis on learning everything they can about your target audience, their behavior, and the competition.  To become a successful app, you must design keeping your audience in mind.


To find more market research tools, read “App Marketing Tools for Developers” by Apptamin.


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