4 Simple UX Best Practices for Scrolling Websites

There is nothing more frustrating to users than spending a lot of time trying to look for certain information on a website and then getting lost in the process. Avatar New York published a blog written by Geoff Nazzaro that will help website designers and developers incorporate four simple UX best practices that can provide user context and place in navigation within a modern scrolling website.

1) Include breadcrumbs with deep site navigation or in targeted browsing situations.

Breadcrumbs are important to have on interior pages and particularly pages that don’t indicate to the user their current place in the site navigation.

2) Maintain user friendly URLs

Keep a clean URL structure that allows desktop users to read their place in the site navigation.

3) Indicate a user’s place in the site navigation

Highlighting the user’s current location in the site’s navigation will provide the user with context.

4) Include page and section titles across all pages

If a user has followed a link on the site or used an exterior link to land on a new page, orient them and confirm their move with a page title. Also include section titles for easy content scanning.

For more details about these tips, read the full article.

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