5 Copywriting Tips That Can Dramatically Improve Your UX

Martin Stellar, the owner of Single Malt Copy, published an article in UX Matters that provides five helpful tips to UX Designers that will improve their user’s experience through copy.

Tip 1: Everything is a sale, and every user is a intrinsically a buyer.  Try to present the benefits of visitors spending time on your site though copy or images.  Phrases such as “click to join” are not as convincing as “join now and get instant access.”

Tip 2: There is only one user.  Successful copywriters spend days researching to try to figure out who is their ideal customer.  Your website may appeal to a wide range of users, but there is only one who will ultimately buy what you’re selling, so design your site to fit that user.

Tip 3: Speak your ideal user’s language.  Communicate with your user in a way that is natural to them by using words, phrases, and tone that matches their personality.

Tip 4: Communicate benefits, not features.  People do not only want to know the details about what your website is asking them to do, so tell them why they need to do it.  They are much more inclined to do what you ask, if they understand how it will benefit them.

Tip 5: Always be testing.  Create several variations of copy, microcopy, button labels, or call to actions to see which experience works best.  Never miss out on an opportunity let visitors tell you what they prefer.

Read the full article in UX Matters to learn more about copywriting tips that will improve your UX.

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