5 Design Techniques to Incite User Emotion

The most effective designs go beyond meeting web standards; they enhance the user’s emotions and create an experience. Sylvia M. Lewis wrote an article in UX Movement to help designers spice up their user interaction while delivering an emotional and mind-blowing user experience. Here are some techniques to consider:

* Add Personality with Comic Illustrations

Personality expresses emotions.  By integrating it into your brand; it can break barriers that consumers usually hit upon while interacting with your products and services. Adding a comic illustration will indicate the feel of your brand, whether you’re company is funky, elegant, serious, or something else.

* Show Sophistication with Minimalism

An interface carefully crafted with minimal, but appealing elements and scant content, will empower the user’s feelings and help ensure that they can get what they want.

* Stir Visual Interest with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is attractive to the eye and creates the illusion of depth rendering users with a 3D experience they can see and touch.

For more tips and details, read the full article.

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