6 Most Recognized UX + CX Testing & Feedback Tools

6 Most Recognized UX + CX Testing & Feedback Tools

To UX and CX professionals; it’s common knowledge: Before releasing any website, app, or device; it’s best to perform usability testing and collect feedback to avoid devastating one-star reviews and customer complaints.  This doesn’t mean you should open up a UX testing lab in the office.  There are limitless testing and feedback tools available on the web, each offering various types of testing and services; enough to make it difficult to decide which one to choose.  Don’t become overwhelmed by the options.  We’ve formed a list of the top six most recognized testing tools based on their media influence and number of satisfied high-profile clients.  Think about the following companies:

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Chances are, you’ve visited their websites, downloaded their mobile apps, or bought their products.  Find out the testing & feedback tools these and many other well-known companies used to develop the best possible user and customer experience.

  • UserTesting.com—Some of the biggest names in technology use UserTesting.com including Google, Facebook, and Apple.  This tool can give you video with audio of your target market using any site, app, or prototype.  If you’re hurry for user feedback; their database has over 1 million users, so you can receive feedback from your target audience in…(drumroll, please)…ONE HOUR!  Case studies show that UserTesting.com has been shown to help increase conversion rates, user retention, and advertising ROI.
  • ClickTale—An array of colors with powerful meaning into the user psyche.  Find the hot spots on your website by recording user navigation: every mouse move, click, and keystroke on video with vibrant visual heatmaps.  ClickTale provides behavioral reports that can help you examine why visitors leave your website or abandon their carts, what forms take too long to fill out, where users experience technical issues, and who could not find what they were searching for.  Walmart, CBS, and The New York Times are among many companies that optimized their websites with ClickTale.
  • UsersThink—A user feedback tool that manages your user testing and provides on-demand feedback from real users.  Recognized by Forbes, Inc., US News & World Report, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Tech Cocktail; UsersThink handles the setup, configuration, recruiting, and hassles of user testing for you. Uncover usability problems, discover what works best, and measure the clarity and persuasiveness of your offer by testing out UsersThink.
  • Applause—Winning apps like Netflix, Google, HBO, Microsoft, and Time use Applause testing services for gathering user feedback on mobile apps, to wearables, security, smart cars, and beyond.  Get 360 degree app quality testing on functionality, usability, localization, load, and security done by real people who evaluate your entire app life-cycle.  Experienced testers around the world use your app on their devices and wear your product under everyday conditions.  Find out how your app really behaves in the wild through detailed reports, analytics, user ratings & reviews.
  • UserZoom—Zoom into the customer experience and become a success story like Coca-Cola, Macy’s, Google, PayPal, UPS, and many more.  UserZoom is an all-in-one research software solution that can test, measure, and improve your digital CX.  The user testing is conducted online by people in their natural habitat using their own computers and devices.  The software can scale user experience data according to your needs, evaluate multiple competitor sites simultaneously, and perform several types of testing from UX Benchmarking to Tree Testing.
  • Usabilla—Whether you’re a marketer browsing for leads, a designer improving user experiences, or a web developer fixing bugs; Usabilla can assist your company with visual live feedback on your website from visitors.  Usabilla  can show your where improvements are needed through visual context and rich metadata.  Join clients like Booking.com, T-Mobile, and HP to increase your conversion rates and never lose sight of your users again!

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