7 Tips for Creating User-Friendly Mobile Content

April 24, 2013 Business Processes, General

7 Tips for Creating User-Friendly Mobile Content

April 23, 2013

“By 2014, people will connect to the Internet more from their mobile devices than their desktop devices.” How will you make your mobile website and content more user-friendly? Check out these seven tips from Jessica Davis on Zemanta that will help you create great mobile content.

1. Reduce the number of images—Infographics, images, graphs and other graphics take a long time to load on most mobile devices and they take up a lot of space on the small screens.

2. Reduce size of images—This will help you make sure your images look better on small mobile screens.

3. Eliminate flash components—Many mobile devices do not support flash, so you will need to use HTML 5 to create content that is mobile friendly.

4. Keep textual content short and simple—Users may lose patience if they have to scroll too many times to view your website.

5. Break up textual content—Use small paragraphs, sub-headers and bullet points to make your content easier to read on mobile.

6. Include mobile plug-ins–These will help you easily convert your web content for mobile visitors. One popular WordPress plug-in is WPTouch.

7. Make video content more mobile-friendly—Avoid Flash when posting videos on your mobile site. Instead, use Custom CSS and HTML5.

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