8 Reasons Users Do Not Sign Up

8 Reasons Users Do Not Sign Up

By Julia Salem

May 19, 2012

Users do not always trust a company’s intentions with their information. Here are 8 things you can watch out for on your sign up forms to gain a user’s trust and increase signups.

1. Fear of getting spammed—When requesting a user’s information, make sure to note next to the fields what you’ll use this information for.

2. Fear that a Facebook/Twitter sign up will spam followers & friends—Let users know that the Facebook or Twitter application won’t automatically post on their page or their friend’s pages.

3. No option to delete account—Giving an option to delete their account gives users comfort that they will not leave a paper trail of activity on the web. Let users know on the sign up form that they can delete their account anytime.

4. Feeling insecure with personal information handling—Let users know that their information is stored on your servers are encrypted and secure.

5. Too much work to fill out compared to value gained—Make sure the form is not too long. Only ask for the absolutely necessary information and get further information after signup.

6. Asking for information users don’t think you need—Only ask for information related to the use of the website. If you ask about anything the user might question, put a note next to the field explaining why you need the information.

7. Asking for their credit card number for a free trial—Give users their free trial before asking for credit card information. Then remind them towards the trial expiration that if they want to continue services, they need to buy.

8. Product/service is not clear or appealing—Appeal to users by clearly stating and showing what your website offers and the benefits they’ll get from using your site.

Source: UX Movement

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