Amazon Announces New Android Tablet

September 28, 2011 Company News, General

Amazon Announces New Android Tablet

By Herry Pierre-Louis

September 28, 2011

Earlier today, Amazon announced the release of their highly anticipated iPad alternative, Kindle Fire, as well as some other improvements to their previous Kindles. From first glance, the Kindle Fire could pass as a Blackberry Playbook. It lacks technological advancements found in many of the current tablets on the market such as a camera/front-facing camera, microphone, 3G connectivity and physical buttons (more of a usability issue). It’s considerably smaller than the iPad at 7 inches and lacks the advanced hardware features of both the iPad and other Android Tablets on the market.

With that being said, I still think that the Kindle Fire has enough preferable user features to help it compete in the ultra competitive tablet market. The first and most important user feature that Amazon addresses is the price-point. Priced at $199, the Kindle Fire is well worth the money. In addition, the Kindle Fire delivers a user-friendly interface based on top of Android 2.x, but engineered by Amazon’s developers. The UI is beautiful and is built around streamlining Amazon’s services to make it easier for users. In addition to being able to use Amazon’s Android App Store, the Kindle Fire makes it easy for users to access Amazon Prime (Amazon’s Netflix Competitor), the Kindle e-book store and Amazon’s cloud services.

If you’re skeptical about paying $500 for a tablet device that you don’t think you will use, but still want a more advanced experience than using an e-reader, the Kindle Fire might be the device for you. Learn more about the device below:

“Amazon Just Won The Android Tablet Wars With The $199 Kindle Fire”

“The Android tablet electoral races are done. There’s a new mayor in Droidville. But this guy didn’t roll into town with pomp and circumstance. He strolled down Main Street and simply offered more than any other candidate, extolling a plan based on down-to-earth sensibility and affordability. Meet the Kindle Fire.”