Case Studies on UX and Human-Centered Products

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As UX professionals, we all struggle with how to represent and describe our work to potential clients, hiring managers and others. For many UX roles in hiring, graduate admissions and for digital awards, the emphasis is increasingly on showing an effective and compelling portfolio comprised of stellar case study narratives of individual projects. But what exactly should go into a UX case study? How do you best showcase a project? And what if you’ve created something really great and want to share it with the world?

Beverly May, founder and organizer of the UX Awards, showcased and described exactly how to create winning UX case studies for any need: to get a better job, get into a fabulous grad program, gain new clients or win international Awards and gain broad acclaim for your work.  The event, sponsored by General Assemblywas held on May 20th during a LA UX Meetup

The talk was based on the award-winning submissions from last year’s UX Awards, which was shown and analyzed as to exactly why they were effective and how they were put together. Five to six examples were shown, with the major themes and consistent elements reiterated again for actionable direction in putting together a great showcase for any project and any purpose. There was a brief introduction about the UX Awards and this year’s submissions criteria in case any in attendance were inspired to submit for the 2014 Awards, which will be held in San Francisco in September (with a submission deadline of June 15!).

Watch the second half of the presentation here and click the link below to see the slideshow:

UX Awards: Overview, Winning Submissions & Great Case Studies that Tell Stories

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