DAA San Francisco Symposium 2014

daa 14

Big Data triumphed this year’s DAA Symposium in San Francisco, where numerous industry leaders gathered to talk about Getting Data Right: Optimizing Performance Using Quantitative AND Qualitative Practices.  Oxford Tech + UX would like to thank the Digital Analytics Association for hosting Beverly May as one of this year’s speakers on November 13th.  See Beverly May’s slideshow presentation below:

Research, Analytics and Testing for UX and Product Design: Choosing the Best Tool for the Job

With so many ways to gather both subjective observational data and quantitative data from surveys and analytics, it can be hard for product teams to determine which feedback method best suits which stage in the product development lifecycle. This brief drive-by overview will outline at a high level the various types of research, analytics and testing that are relevant for UX and product development and articulate when each approach is most appropriate, expedient and useful to use, based on the stage of the product and the questions that need to be answered.


To learn more about the Digital Analytics Association, visit digitalanalyticsassociation.org.

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