Stand-Out Designer Portfolio and Recruiting Sites

January 18, 2012 General, Research

Stand-Out Designer Portfolio and Recruiting Sites

By Julia Salem

January 18, 2012

Updated: June 19, 2012

After scouring the web, we have compiled a list of stand-out websites for professionals and recruiters working in design industries. The sites include various sized companies ranging from beta sites to big well-established sites.

The Hired Guns

Helps creatives expand their potential far beyond the 9-to-5, bringing their expertise to companies in unexpected and exciting ways and guiding their careers through transitions from freelance gigs to fulltime jobs and back again. Keeps you up to date on not only vacancies, but also ux events, courses, news and more.

UX Jobs Board

Launched by a collective of user experience professionals, UX Jobs Board aims to unite leading American based companies, agencies and recruiters with UX practitioners and creative talent in the USA.


This is a new, but exciting, company that is working to solve numerous employment problems. We look forward to their official launch. More information to come!


Currently in beta, Scoutzie is focused on supplying top notch mobile designers to companies and recruiters and top notch jobs for mobile designers. The company’s focus is solely on mobile design, which is what sets it apart from many of the current designer portfolio and recruitment sites. Designers can use Scoutzie to post portfolios and profiles for potential employers to see. Employers can use the site to browse designs and designer profiles.

Behance Network

The Behance Network is a platform for designers and those interested in design to showcase and discover creative work. Creative professionals can showcase any kind of creative, with images, text, audio, and video, in any design profession. Behance Network is connected to numerous social networks, so you can promote your work instantly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, designers can also use the site to search for jobs. Followers, which can be industry professionals, recruiters, and employers, can keep track of and find new talent by using “Suggested Members to Follow” and the talent gallery.


Currently in beta, design:related is “your creative hub & community.” The site allows designers to easily create portfolios for employers to view. Since design:related is more of a community site, rather than a job and portfolio board, it has areas within the site where designers and employers can share their own inspirations for design. These inspirations, news posts and various other types of networking and activity can be seen in the news feed. Employers and recruiters can search for talent in targeted industries and by location. For employers who are not quite ready to hire, the community is a great way to keep an eye out for talent and ideas casually. In addition, candidates searching for jobs can use the community for networking and the jobs board to find the latest available openings.


A well-established designer recruitment sites is Coroflot, which has grown to host over 1.4 million images of creative work from nearly every country in the world. The site features job listings, portfolios, galleries for anyone to view member’s work, directory of employers, various groups for members, and the Genius gallery, which is a contest that members can participate in to win a $200 gift certificate.


With over 1 million visits per month, this site hosts a creative industry job board and candidate portfolios across the globe. Krop’s Pluck’t section features the finest portfolio pieces from members daily.

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