Designing User Interfaces for Your Mother

February 19, 2014 Best Practices, General, Other

Companies redesign and update their websites hoping to create a more desirable user experience, but these changes can often make some loyal users frustrated.  Tony Gines, the Director of UX/UI at iFixit, explains six takeaway tips to UX practitioners, designers and developers on about how to update their website in a way that still keeps it user friendly to less web-savvy visitors like your mother.


* Understand that users view your website on the browser they’re most familiar with, even if it’s outdated.  They will blame the design of the website if something doesn’t work well.

* Incorporate visual cues and wording that will reassure the user that using a certain capability or function will accomplish what they want.

* Add descriptive labels along-side icons to teach users that X icon means Y action.

* Don’t assume users know that it’s not necessary to continue to do things the old way.  Teach them how to do things faster without alienating new users.

* “Simple design” doesn’t mean less design.  Users don’t mind a few extra clicks if it reassures their progress on a task.

* Drastically changing an interface means that users have to relearn all of the links and menus, which will frustrate them.  Keep some of the old elements, update icons to look nicer and make sure your website maintains some familiarity.

For more details about these tips, read thefull article.

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