Nicola Bridges

January 6, 2014


“We engaged Oxford Tech + UX at RealAge repeatedly for a wholesale overhaul of the RealAge product strategy, competitive positioning and site and test experience. Each time, Beverly’s team worked intimately with the RealAge and Hearst teams to lead toward consensus around a final product direction via multiple rounds of review and discussion.

RealAge began working with Oxford Tech + UX with technical work on registration migration and single sign-on that involved consolidating over a dozen different registration flows onto the Hearst platform. Oxford Tech + UX conceptualized RealAge’s first iPhone application and site personalization around the user’s RealAge Test results.

We re- engaged Oxford Tech + UX for a much larger site and product overhaul. From strategic review, including a comprehensive and very detailed review of the competitive landscape and positioning, UX, and business model, and demographic, social and traffic metrics. Along with a detailed review of over 100 internal documents and the current site, this led to comprehensive strategic recommendations for brand repositioning, business strategy and product features.

We further engaged Oxford Tech + UX for user experience deliverables that began with conceptual directions and ended with a comprehensive set of wireframes, sitemap, navigation, content mapping and user flows for a possible new vision of RealAge, including site personalization, conversion optimization and an overhauled RealAge Test UI and test results experience.

Beverly and her team merges business acumen and KPI results-orientation with deep domain experience in consumer health, publishing, ecommerce, software and the web. She works collaboratively while leading decisively toward consensus, and their deliverables are comprehensive, detailed, clear and actionable.

I would highly recommend Oxford Tech + UX to anyone seeking product strategy and user experience assistance.”

– Nicola Bridges, SVP, Programming & Audience Development at RealAge on LinkedIn