Consumer Health Websites

October 30, 2011 General, Research

Consumer Health Websites

By Julia Salem

October 30, 2011

Our company has conducted research for numerous clients in the health industry. Along the way, we’ve developed a wide-range of research that has allowed us to analyze existing health websites.

The four major types of sites in this industry include content sites, content/community hybrid sites, community sites and digital wellness program sites. The current most popular health websites are WebMD, NIH, MedicineNet, Mayo Clinic and


The graph above shows health sites by unique visitors. Source: April 2011.

Content focused sites

  •—Has a highly usable RX Tools system.
  • HealthGuru—Utilizes video to boost social and search metrics for its site and has been effectively redesigned to improve user experience.
  • Healthline—Has an excellent content syndication system.

Content/community hybrid sites

  • EverydayHealth—Is one of the top health sites in social and mobile user experience.
  • WebMD—Excels in brand awareness, digital presence, traffic and SEO rank.

Community sites

  • HealthCentral—Has focused template specialist sites that provide users with a highly focused experience while enabling scale.

Digital wellness programs/sites

  • Livestrong—Has extraordinarily rich interactivity and integration of content, function, and social networking into a compelling site experience for programmatic personal wellness.
  • MedHelp—Knits up community and mobility with a highly personalized My MedHelp dashboard, including health management/tracking functionality.

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