Homepage Must-Haves for Superior UX

Homepage Must-Haves for Superior UX

By Julia Salem

July 17, 2012

1. A Killer Headline—It’s the most important part of your homepage and should outline the benefits of your product, what you do, and your target audience.

2. Quality Copy—Make sure your content is top notch and communicates the value for users visiting your site.

3. Use Graphics for More than Decoration—Use pictures that will contribute to your offer and give users a better understanding of what you do.

4. Get Responsive—Make sure your website provides a great user experience across all devices, screen sizes, and browsers.

5. Search Capabilities—Allow users to pinpoint content they are looking for by providing a way to search within your site.

6. Blog Feed—Users often find your site through your blog or social media sites, so be sure to lead then back to your website content when applicable.

7. Make it Easy—Remove obstacles and questions as soon as the user visits your site. Limit the navigational elements on your homepage to only those that the user will need.

8. Fast Loading—Make sure your website does not take too long to load or your users will leave.

9. Engage in Social Media—Make it easy for users to engage with you on social media.

Source: Mad Town Designs

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