How to Learn Tons from Your Competition with User Testing

How to Learn Tons from Your Competition with User Testing

The best way to maximize the usability of your website is by testing your competitor’s websites. notes several crucial points in their blog about why testing your site along with several competitor’s is one of the most important and simplest things a company can do for their site or app.

1. People are too nice and won’t give you honest feedback.  By showing the users two websites or more without telling them which one you created allows for a greater opportunity for them to provide candid feedback.

2. People need context.  In order for users to make informed decision about the usability of your website, they need to see other websites to make comparisons.

3. Don’t make assumptions about who your competitors are, test and find out.  Researching direct, aspirational, and non-competitors will give you an idea of which companies are doing something similar to you and who does it best.

4. By having users test the concepts developed by your competitors, you can see what they liked and disliked about certain features before spending any money on incorporating those features into your website or app.

Read the full article on to learn more about how to do competitive user testing.

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