How to Snag a Paid Subscriber on the First Visit

How to Snag a Paid Subscriber on the First Visit

By Julia Salem

April 21, 2012

1. Initiate a Friendship—makes your site content relatable to your audience, so that they start to think of you as a friend. People will pay their friends over their enemies.


2. Play Video On-Load—If your content is really great, this is an excellent way to allow them to consume some of your best content.


3. Use One Action Button and Consistent Language—A strong simple call to action that leads to the purchase enables an easy way to purchase without distractions.


4. Simple, Alluring Pricing—Offer a clear price, such as $1/mo, with $2 for shipping, rather than, $1/mo, with shipping 2x the price.


5. Clear, Visual Difference Between Plans—Do not bury the difference between cheaper and more expensive plans, let the customer see the difference.


6. Put Action Items Above the Fold—This allows the user to see the next step and reduces the friction moving forward.


7. More Detail On Demand—The extra information can be available under the fold, so it can be seen by the user when he or she needs it.


8. Interrupt Checkout with a Sign Up—This must be done tactfully and painlessly, so that you don’t lose the sale.


9. Make Checkout Fun—Include photos of purchased items and unique brand-related checkout style.


10. Leverage Social Sharing—After the purchase, let people tell their friends and let them see their order status.


Source: Jason Shah Blog


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