iPad Keyboard Case Enhances Device

June 1, 2011 General, Media Commentary

iPad Keyboard Case Enhances Device

By Herry Pierre-Louis

June 1, 2011

In today’s world of constant technological advancement and innovation, user experience plays a big role in how viable a product is in the tech market. Making a product that is easy for a user to navigate through, as well as one that has a clean, sleek design can go a long way in satisfying your consumers. Additions to products are almost as important as the product itself. Headsets, cases, keyboards etc, can determine  how easily a user interacts with a certain tech product.

Tech Company, Logitech, has always been seen as a poster child for enhancing a product’s user experience and they continue that trend with their new iPad Keyboard Case. Filling two major needs of iPad owners, Logitech’s product significantly eases the typing process and protects the $500 plus tablet from physical harm. The Keyboard Case allows for both a horizontal and vertical iPad view and it is compatible with the iPhone 4. Learn more about this iPad enhancement below:

“Keyboard Case Enhances iPad 2 With a Sleek, Matching Design”

URL: http://mashable.com/2011/06/01/zaggmate-keyboard-ipad-case-review/