IXDA Berlin Presents Award-Winning UX

September 23, 2015 Company News, General, Industry News

Ever wondered what it takes for UX projects to become award-winning? Beverly May, the Executive Director of the UX Awards, will show us what award-winning UX looks like. And the best thing: If you feel your project is ready for it, you can also apply for the next award. Looking forward to seeing you! Thomas + Markus

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Where: betahaus Prinzessinnenstraße 19/20, 10969 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: Wednesday, September 23 at 7:00pm
The 5th Annual UXies: A Retrospective of Top Trends in Award-Winning UX

What are the trends and common traits behind the winners at the UX Awards, and where are they headed?

Beverly May, Executive Director of the UX Awards, will present an overview of the UXies, showcase past winning work and case studies, and provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of winning submissions and UX trends from the past four years that you can use to help improve your own portfolios, UX presentations, or awards submissions.

The UXies are the premier global independent awards for exceptional digital experience. Now in their 5th year, the UXies are accepting submissions through September 20, 2015 at UXAwards.org for a November 16, 2015 event in New York. Submissions spanning the past years show trends in UX and the industry and reveal an emerging thesis on what defines great UX. Come learn from the Executive Director and global UX consultant about these awards and see 5-6 examples of award-winning case studies from the past several years.


– Intro to the UXies
– UX Awards by the Numbers- retrospective of UX Awards & UX trends over 4 years
– What We Look For when Judging
– Exceptional UX Awards Case Studies- 5-6 winning examples from the past few years
– Q&A

Beverly May
Founder & Executive Director of the UXies

Beverly is the founder and Executive Director of the UXies. She has nearly 2 decades` experience in tech, product development and UX and has helped launch hundreds of new digital initiatives at digital agencies, tech incubators, startups, major publishers and in Peacekeeping at the UN. Beverly has been CTO & Head of Product and UX at a Castaclip, a 35-person mobile video software company in Berlin, Germany. Prior to that, she most recently taught UX at General Assembly and founded and led Oxford Tech, a boutique UX and product strategy consultancy in NY and San Francisco for the past 6 years. Over her career, Beverly has helped conceive, design and launch new digital initiatives for Wireless Generation/ Amplify Education, T-Mobile, Pitney Bowes, Hearst, Rodale, Diageo, Nike, MCI, Oxford University, RealAge, Weil Lifestyle, Schwab, Novartis, Goldman Sachs, AOL, Royal Bank and dozens of other brands and startups. She has also helped found several companies and, prior to entering the digital space, founded and ran a creative events production company and music magazine in Toronto, CA.

Beverly has an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford, a Master`s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and a BA from University of Toronto. She is a triple EU- Canadian- US citizen. She is also a regular global public speaker and mentor on UX and product strategy for incubators and at UX events.

LinkedIn: Beverly May
Twitter: @oxfordtech