Lean Startup Machine NYC

December 9, 2011 Business Processes, General

Lean Startup Machine NYC

By Herry Pierre-Louis

December 9, 2011

The Lean Startup Machine is an initiative to improve the startup community, specifically focusing on how startups deliver their products to the public. The Lean Startup Machine started in 2010 by Trevor Owens and Brent Fisher. Their mentoring program has helped startup founders by introducing them to mentors, providing educational information that introduce them to Lean Startup methodologies and encouraging them to hit the streets and actually talk to and build a rapport with their customers.

Today, The Lean Startup Machine will be hosting their NYC metrics-driven startup competition. Some of the key speakers and mentors include officials from Union Square Ventures, Betaworks, K&S Ranch and more. The three day competition provides a great learning environment for qualified entrepreneurs as well as a way for startup founders to network and meet people who can make a huge impact on their companies.

Here are some tips from Lean Startup Machine speaker, Giff Constable, focusing on Customer Development interviews and the differences between Strategic User Experience and Tactical User Experience:


Learn more about the Lean Startup Machine here: http://theleanstartupmachine.com/