Local Activism and Community Apps and Sites

November 7, 2012 Company News, General, Research

Local Activism and Community Apps and Sites

By Julia Salem

November 7, 2012

When disasters strike home, such as Hurricane Sandy has done for so many, communities realize the importance of coming together and supporting each other. Here is a list of sites and apps that can help you connect with and support your local community whether it’s to help the Hurricane Sandy recovery or to become more aware of local politics.

Activism and Community Apps and Sites for Disasters


FEMA has apps that provide all types of community and activism information. The apps also provide preparedness and recovery information for different types of disasters. Find this app on iTunes or Google Play.

Activism Apps and Sites


An activism site that equally promotes the causes listed, no matter what the budget is.


A digital petition site that enables anyone with a cause to startup and run their own campaign. Start the next campaign that will help your community at www.change.org/.

Touch To Give

This site allows you to donate money to causes without actually spending money. When you touch one of the cause icons, the app’s ad sponsors will donate money to the cause. You can also shop on the site to donate even more. Some of the causes include breast cancer, animal neglect, global hunger, and more.

Community Apps and Sites


During snowstorms, buried hydrants cause dangerous delays in the ability of fire fighters to respond to fire emergencies. To check and clear thousands of hydrants across the city of Boston, would be a timely, costly, and burdensome process. Adopt-a-Hydrant lets governments turn to the community. This map-based web app allows individuals, small businesses, and community organizations to volunteer to be responsible for shoveling out specific hydrants. This app is currently being used in Chicago, Honolulu and Buenos Aires.

Good Neighbor

A text message based app that helps you help your neighbors with quick tasks or errands. All you have to do is sign up with your phone and zip.


A nonprofit community involvement organization that makes it easy for people to learn and share knowledge about their local community. Members can create articles about anything, upload photos, draw maps, and anyone can edit articles to make them better.


This app allows user to help their neighbors and strangers through random acts of kindness. The app sends you a daily suggestion with an act of kindness that is designed to be simple, fun and effective. Find the app on http://mobileaze.com/apps/.

Crowdsourced Community Apps and Sites

Access Together

A crowdsourcing app for collecting, sharing and acting on accessibility information in the community. This app enables people with disabilities, their family, friends, and neighbors to help ensure equal access for all.


A mapping tool to gather crowdsourced input. Use it to collect suggested locations and comments. This tool can be used to crowdsource bikeshare stations, mapping intersections, and more.

Environmental Activism Apps and Sites

My Recycle List

A GPS-based app that is designed to take the pain out of recycling by searching for nearby locations that accept what you have. The app does the usual paper and plastic, but it also tells you where to recycle your electronics, automotive and hazardous materials.

Political Activism Apps and Sites


An iPhone app that modernizes political call to action by making it easy to stay up to date on issues and take actions that actually might cause actual social change from within the app itself. The app basically gives you information about various advocacy movements like funding childhood vaccines for kids that can’t afford them and then lets you call a senator, sign a petition or join up with a real life rally for causes in order to raise awareness.


This app attempts to help City Hall hear more people by asking questions on posters in public places. The app collects the answers and feedback via text message.

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