NYCCHI Presents: UX for IoT – an Agency Showcase

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NYCCHI Presents: UX for IoT – an Agency Showcase

Oxford Tech + UX’s founder, Beverly May, will host UX for IoT on November 25, 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Gilt Groupe in NYC.



The Internet of Things (IoT) and Natural User Interfaces (NUI) are rapidly transforming how we live and interact. 2013 has marked a turning point with a confluence of near-universal mobile and device connectivity; rapidly standardizing data protocols and platforms and the advent of “big data” analytics; and the rise of alternate means of consumer interactions with digital devices through voice, gaze, touch, and motion. IoT and NUI present exciting challenges for UX professionals to consider new means of interactions beyond just the screen, mouse and keyboard, with new types of input and management of data as well as the marriage of hardware products and digital software design.

This UX for IoT – an Agency Showcase event is the second in a series by NYC-CHI on IoT and NUI. This event focuses specifically on IoT UX design, undertaken by three global agencies who are leading in IoT design and who have guided the UX on three very different and unique client projects!

1.First, we’ll hear from Rui Pereira of Havas’ Mad Sci Lab, who will be presenting the UX design process for “Wherever Ships May Sail”,  a film and interactive  installation that was created on behalf of Johnnie Walker.

2.Then, we’ll hear from Fjord’s Chris Castenada and Chris Marotta, who will present their UX work on the “miCoach Smart Run” Adidas smartwatch.

3.Finally, we’ll hear from Frog’s Michael DelGaudio, who will present Frog’s UX work with GE on humanizing GE’s Industrial Internet applications.

This event is sure to interest to UX and product designers and developers as well as anyone who has ever worked in or with a digital agency. Many UX and technology professionals have until recently been considering UX in the context of desktop screen layouts; it’s time to expand our horizons and apply our skill-set to this emerging world of interactive environmental connectivity.

NOTE THERE IS A STRICT CAPACITY LIMIT OF 110 people for this event.

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Arrival and registration (6:30-6:45). NOTE DOORS WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 6:30.

Talks with Q&A (7-8:20):

1.Havas’ MadSci Labs Rui Pereira presents UX Design for the “Wherever Ships May Sail” interactive installation for Johnnie Walker

2.Fjord’s Chris Castenada and Chris Marotta present UX process for the “miCoach Smart Run” Smart Watch for Adidas

3.Frog’s Michael Delgaudio present “Humanizing the Industrial Internet” Industrial Internet enabled applications for GE


Closing remarks (8:20-8:30)



Havas’ MadSci Labs “Wherever Ships May Sail” Campaign for Johnnie Walker

As a digital extension of the “Keep Walking” campaign, Johnnie Walker asked Havas New York to create a short film highlighting the brand’s long history of ambition and forward-thinking. At House of Walker events, the interactive version of the film allows users to navigate through the story using Leap Motion controls. In this presentation, Rui Pereira will discuss the UX design process for the installation version of Wherever Ships May Sail as a gestural experience that takes the user through key events of the history of Johnnie Walker, immersing the user in the narrative by empowering his own gestures to trigger the key events in the history.

Havas’ MadSci Labs is a research lab within the advertising agency Havas WorldWide-New York. The Lab’s goal is to create compelling experiences and interactions while exploring emerging technologies and providing creative consulting on the future of interaction.


Fjord’s “miCoach Smart Run” Smart Watch for Adidas

Fjord worked with Adidas to design the interface for the newly launched Adidas smart watch, miCoach SMART RUN, including refining feature sets, performing user testing, considering battery-life and the translation of interaction paradigms. Fjord designers Chris Castenada and Chris Marotta will present UX considerations and challenges in designing for wearable technology, based on how Fjord arrived at elegant and simple solutions for Adidas.

Fjord is a service design consultancy which aims to design and deliver delight. Fjord designs services that help improve our clients’ relationships with their customers. Fjord is a part of the Accenture Interactive family.


Frog’s “Humanizing the Industrial Internet” Industrial Internet enabled applications for GE

Frog has been working with GE on their large-scale Industrial Internet projects, which span healthcare, oil refineries, energy utilities, jet planes and much more.  Unfortunately, with the proliferation of data delivered from connected products and machines comes the misconception of inherent value. By focusing on human needs, we realized that not all problems are solved by simply applying more silicon and connecting additional end points. In this presentation, Frog will show how it helped GE keep humans in the equation through Frog’s UX design process when creating GE’s Industrial Internet enabled applications.

Frog Design is a strategic-creative consultancy that combines research, strategy, technology, and design to create products and services for Fortune 500 clients.



Rui Pereira

Rui Pereira is an interaction and R/D designer at the MadSci Lab at Havas where he pushes the boundaries in interaction design, research and creative development. Rui has been key to create partnerships with organizations such as Intel and research partners providing Havas clients a first hands-on experience with novel technologies.

In the past Rui has worked as a interactive technology researcher and interaction designer in a wide range of settings, from Theaters and exhibit design to design consulting agencies such as IDEO, to collaborating in the research and development of open source – low-cost eye tracking devices. In his free time Rui also develops toys for the younger and older kids and loves to research and  create interfaces and realtime visualizations for music. Follow Rui on Twitter.


Chris Castenada

Chris Castenada is an interaction designer who loves working on structures that engage users, and create narratives that allow the building of engaging and innovative experiences.  As part of Fjord, he has been able to collaborate with incredibly talented team members and great projects, which have allowed him to further develop his passion for user experience and service design. He has contributed to the development of successful mobile experiences for clients from diverse industries, including retail, banking, and social networks. Follow Chris on Twitter.


Chris Marotta

Chris Marotta is a visual designer and self-professed nerd. As a double major in User Experience Design and Film and Media Arts with a focus on Visual Design and Photography, Chris has a diverse range of skills which he has partnered with clients from across the globe to help craft better experiences. Recently, he has worked with clients including Xerox, Hershey’s, FIBA, Saks 5th Avenue, and Blue Shield of California to bring new products and services to life.  Follow Chris on Twitter.


Michael Delgaudio

Michael Delgaudio is the Creative Director at frog for the GE account, leading teams in the creation of Industrial Internet enabled products and services. Follow Michael on Twitter.


Host: Beverly May

Beverly is the acting NYC-CHI President, the organizer of the User Experience Awards and the Founder & President of Oxford Tech + UX, a boutique product strategy and User Experience consulting firm.

Follow us on Twitter @OxfordTech or on Facebook to learn more about IoT and UX events.

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