Castaclip GMBH

Castaclip GMBH

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Castaclip GMBH is a five-year old social video advertising and content company in Berlin, Germany whose most well-known video brand of the dozens of video properties they run is the German In 2015, Castaclip aimed to launch a new social video mixing and editing platform aimed at teens and millennials that would allow fast, creative video remixing and curation as a new vehicle for social expression.

Beverly was hired as combined CTO and CPO to lead this charge. Meanwhile, Oxford Tech also supported this endeavor with in-person user research in the US and Berlin, in-depth competitive research and benchmarking, and rapid prototyping of app ideas and directions. Oxford Tech conducted dozens of interviews, researched many dozens of competitors for benchmarking and analysis, performed wide-ranging industry research on video trends, and assisted in creating over a dozen iterations of the first mobile prototype.

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