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Golden Recruiter

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Golden Recruiter, “Your Hiring Helper”, aimed to simplify and streamline the hiring search, selection and HR compliance process for small businesses, especially those with high turnover like restaurants. GoldenRecruiter initially focused on recruiting and hiring interns, but the concept was expanded to any small business recruitment need. A partnership was formed with a prominent New York employment lawyer to guide the compliance rules. The application was intended to be designed as a step-by-step “wizard” per new hire, beginning with the job, post, with powerful search, sorts, filters and collaborative commenting on the applicants. An early prototype was built in Ruby on Rails with a WordPress CMS for content in 2009. A pared-back initial version of the site with just the content, designed to help navigate the existing government rules in terms of hiring international interns, launched in early 2010 and was live for two years at Oxford Tech + UX decided to stop GoldenRecruiter application development after several similar startup services received substantial funding and launched during Golden Recruiter’s initial development.

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