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Oxford Tech + UX has worked repeatedly with Hearst Corporate and Hearst Digital Media. Hearst had followed a unique path of magazine publishers by developing its own proprietary content management systems- 5 in all: a CMS, syndication, ad-serving, subscriptions and community systems. These five systems impact every single one of Hearst’s 30+ digital brands and support all of the company’s digital revenue and initiatives.

Each system was showing signs of aging in a fast-moving market, and Hearst was gearing up for the Hachette acquisition that would bring another 20+ global brands onto the same platforms in addition to Hearst’s global properties. Hearst asked Oxford Tech + UX to evaluate these systems from top-bottom for UX, competitive benchmarking, and overall strategy and capabilities. Oxford Tech + UX delivered a detailed consolidated report with specific findings and recommendations, a 500-item prioritized list of upgrades across all systems (as well as a top-20 list), and an executive summary in response. These were based on internal interviews and research with over 70 system users, competitive audits and analysis of 14 other commercial systems, bug and feature requests consolidation, and deep product analysis.

The result was a very specific and actionable roadmap that Hearst could follow to ensure future competitiveness, mobile compatibility, new load and user capacity, more editorial flexibility, and that would greatly streamline internal operational efficiency.

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