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Most know Popular Mechanics for its print magazine. When the iPad was set to launch, it was important for Hearst to be seen as a fore-runner with a great iPad digital offering from its magazines. Oxford Tech + UX was chosen to assist the Popular Mechanics editorial team on delivery of an exceptional new style of UX. Oxford Tech + UX provided user experience research, guidance, testing and schematics for Hearst’s first iPad application, which received great critical reviews. Oxford Tech + UX performed usability tests, researched the platform SDK before it was even released or any iPads were available for testing and review, and worked intimately with both the Editorial and technical teams in a collaborative manner to create new, reusable mobile templates and new design and UX navigation conventions for this new publishing format. A key aspect of the engagement was early usability testing, which influenced the direction of key navigation components in the final release.

The app’s release won a number of awards, including:
– AdAge Media Vanguard Award, 2010
– Finalist for ASME’s Mobile Edition Award, 2010

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