Progressive Portable Health

Progressive Portable Health

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Progressive was intended to be the best, most configurable personal health tracking and management mobile app on the market, with the ability to easily customize and track any aspect of one’s personal health, support for a wider range of crowdsourced and cataloged foods, and particular focus on heart disease, Diabetes, medications and vitamins and supplements- as well as the stalwarts of food, weight, sleep, fitness and exercise, mood and medications. Progressive Portable Health was conceived and researched in 2008 at the very beginning of Oxford Tech + UX, when there were still few good and highly configurable health tracking and monitoring apps available. The goal was to standardize health data to provide valuable analytics and insights through data correlation analysis at the individual and aggregate cross-user level. Due to a glut of well-funded new entrants in this space by 2009 and the rise of slick Quantified Self trackers like Nike Fuel and FitBit, Progressive was abandoned– though there is still no tracker that does what Progressive aimed to do as a well-designed, standardized, highly configurable tracker for advanced users.

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