Skype's Button Blunder

May 27, 2011 Business Processes, General

Skype’s Button Blunder


Post Date: May 27, 2011

A simple misplacement of buttons can ultimately ruin great web design. At times, at the expense of the users, designers disregard UX for aesthetically appealing displays. How the user interacts with a website or application is almost as important as how the product looks. In this article, Fast Company describes a UX blunder in Skype’s redesigned calling interface. Read more below:

“Design Basics: Proximity (Or, Why Skype’s “End Call” Button Is All Wrong)”

“Design literacy: it’s not just for designers. In fact, us “normals” are sometimes more design-literate than the pros, because we can instantly tell when something is annoying as hell to use. David Cole inspired me to try an occasional series on “design basics” with his technical explanation of a design-101 principle called “proximity.” Basically it just means grouping things in a way that actually makes a whit of mothertrucking sense.”