The UX of Tomorrow: Designing for the Unknown

MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC hosted The UX of Tomorrow: Designing for the Unknown on June 4th at Shutterstock featuring Beverly May, Ryan Gossen, Jay Vidyarthi, and Jeff Feddersen.

Beverly May, Ryan Gossen, Jay Vidyarthi, and Jeff Feddersen.

Beverly May, Ryan Gossen, Jay Vidyarthi, and Jeff Feddersen.

The next ten years of technology will see many of Ray Kurzweil`s predictions come alive: Embedded, invisible, unwired electricity and internet-based interactions will drive every aspect of our lived environment. The physical and digital worlds are merging, powered by incredible changes in computing, universal connectivity as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This pending wave is certain to change every aspect of our human-computer interaction.

Major technological leaps present interesting design and UX challenges and require a wholesale shift in perspective by designing for the as-yet unknown. Screens, keyboards, and mouse dominated yesterday and today. Tomorrow, these systems will be initiated, controlled, and tracked through location and environment, semantic context, a wave of the arm, a blink of an eye, a directed gaze, a heartbeat, a crowd-driven trend, even a brainwave.

Whole new approaches and design systems need to be considered for what the next wave of products do, what they look and feel like, and how they can be more meaningful, useful, relevant, and intuitive.

This talk discussed the UX of tomorrow for the next wave of product design based on some of the very first products and services on the market that hint at the integrated cyborg future to come. We looked at overall trends and reviewed some examples in the market right now from IBM’s Watson, Interaxon’s MUSE, and NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Case study details from each project illustrated the special challenges of designing for the unknown.


Panel Moderator:
Beverly May, Executive Director, UX Awards, New York, NY

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View Beverly May’s presentation on slideshare:


Beverly is the founder and Executive Director of the International UX Awards, now in its fifth year. She has nearly 2 decades` experience in tech, product development and UX and is Principal of Oxford Tech + UX, a boutique UX and product strategy consultancy. Beverly has helped launch hundreds of new digital initiatives in leadership roles at digital agencies, incubators, startups, publishing and the UN; she is currently acting CTO & Head of Product and UX at a Castaclip, a 35-person video software company in Berlin, Germany.

Beverly has an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford, a technology Master`s degree in systems design from NYU, and a BA from University of Toronto. She is a triple EU- Canadian- US citizen.

More info: @OxfordTech @UXAwards


Panel Speakers:
Ryan Gossen, Portfolio Design Lead, IBM Watson, Austin TX

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View Ryan Gossen’s presentation on slideshare:


Ryan Gossen is the Portfolio Design Lead for Watson Analytics at IBM, where he directs large UX and design teams who are designing new cognitive computing capabilities in the cloud. He has directed design initiatives across the Analytics portfolio at IBM.

As a Creative Director at projekt202, Ryan led high profile initiatives for PayPal, Motorola, Dell, and has worked with The Gerson Lehrman Group and HP. His background is in statistics, interaction design, and literature. Ryan has an MA in Cognitive Psychology from UT Austin.

Ryan also mentors startups and enterprise teams who are transitioning to a UX driven approach.

Twitter: @ryango


Jay Vidyarthi, UX Director, Interaxon, Inc. (makers of MUSE), Toronto, CA


View Jay Vidyarthi’s presentation on slideshare:


Jay Vidyarthi is is the UX Lead for Muse: the brain sensing headband and the inventor of Sonic Cradle, an award-winning persuasive technology for mindfulness meditation.He has helped optimize user experiences for hundreds of thousands of people working with clients as diverse as UNESCO, Cirque Du Soleil, Yellow Pages Group, the Canadian Institute of Health, TD Insurance, LexisNexis, Publicis and Qatar Airways.

Jay has won major UX industry awards, including a Gold UX Award for MUSE in 2014, and published award-winning academic publications in the field of human-computer interaction. His work has also been featured in top-tier international press and presented at conferences around the world, including an installation of Sonic Cradle at TEDactive 2012.

Twitter: @jayvidyarthi


Jeff Feddersen, Professor, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

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View Jeff Feddersen’s presentation on slideshare:


Trained in computer science and music, Jeff works with software and hardware to make computers do new and unusual things. He is currently part of a team developing a sculptural reflection of energy and resource flows in what is being heralded as the world`s greenest office building. His work for groups ranging from the Hayden Planetarium and the Connecticut Science Center to Sony and HBO has resulted in award-winning public interactive experiences.

Jeff teaches at NYU`s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he has a residency to develop video curricula supporting physical computing and energy. His novel musical instruments and kinetic sound sculptures have been performed on and exhibited internationally, and he is the co-inventor of an electronic wind instrument based on the Japanese shakuhachi (US patent #7723605).



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Katja Bartholmess, Founder & CEO of Gimme Gorgeous LLC.

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