UX IRL: Syncing the Online and Offline Experience

The web is making the physical “real world” smaller by replacing in-person human communication with online interactions, but that doesn’t equate to the best user experiences.  Katharine Bierce, an innovation broker in business-driven social innovation, wrote an article in UX Booth to help businesses and UX technology professionals excel offline experiences by improving their online experiences.  Digital tools can provide the best real life experiences when they build trust with the user, increase the user’s motivation to meet their goals, and create a sense of camaraderie within communities.  In the article, she examines how OK Cupid and ApartmentList built trust with their users by hosting events that get people talking to each other face to face.   Companies like Weight Watchers and StickK designed their online experiences to compensate for behavior change by selecting the right trigger to apply to a target behavior.

For more innovative examples and and tips, read the full article.

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