UX Meet Up at SXSW

The UX Meetup was an opportunity for all types of User Experience pros to get together for an informal, relaxing meet -and- greet at SXSW in Austin, Texas. On March 8th, Beverly May, the founder and organizer of the UX Awards, hosted the meetup at InterContinental Stephen F. Austin. UX practitioners including designers, testers, researchers, UX-oriented product leads, UI developers, UX recruiters, companies seeking UX and UX-focused startups gathered for an event focused on networking. At the start of the event, Beverly gave a brief introduction about how user experience made a company worth 16 billion dollars without using any marketing for four and a half years. Which company was that?  Watch her speech on YouTube to find out!


To learn more about this event, visit SXSW.

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