UX Spotlight: 10,000ft

The 2014 UX Awards prized MARTIJN VAN TILBURG with HONORABLE MENTION for 10,000FT.



A design-driven planning solution to better manage your business, teams and projects.

10,000ft was built by a team of designers and software developers to accommodate the rise of the creative thinker: the modern problem solver who is motivated by getting things done, masterfully. Creative thinkers collaborate with others on a shared goal, but with no clear path to get there. That’s where the creativity comes in. We recognize that businesses today need to make strategic decisions on the fly. They are constantly adjusting the plan, reshuffling priorities, or reassigning employees, and need a way to capture the big picture of what makes their business successful. Current tools either address one aspect of the business, or focus on the tactical details, failing to provide this big picture. 10,000ft helps businesses and the creative thinkers they employ to get a big picture view of their business, teams, and projects. 10,000ft launched in June 2012 and we haven’t looked back since. We have subscribers in over 40 countries and are tracking over 100,000 projects, totaling more than 7 million hours of work.


Watch Martijn van Tilburg, CEO & Founder of 10,000ft, speaks about the project during the 2014 UX Awards in San Francisco. 

To learn more about this project management tool, check out the live project.
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