A powerful but often-ignored gold mine of UX analysis, concepting, evaluation and persuasion exists that even many senior UX practitioners have willfully ignored for their entire careers: web metrics. Web metrics are typically used mainly by digital marketers and ad sales teams, but they also contain a treasure trove of useful information that UX practitioners can use to complement other more modes of UX research, evaluation and concepting. Metrics are the footprints in the snow of past user behavior; rather than relying on small samples of users in research, interviews or observation, UX pros can access the aggregate results of all past users on a live site or competitor sites. Used properly, metrics are the ultimate behavioral analysis tool; the trick is to know how to read the data and what it means. Metrics also help elevate perceptions of UX out of the realm of subjective opinion and design and into the realm of quantifiable value and performance.


Beverly from Oxford Tech + UX spoke on using Web Metrics for UX at UX Acrobatics on 3/18/14 at Amplify in Brooklyn. This talk helped UX and product folks understand and embrace web metrics and indicators to help with UX discovery, concepting and evaluation approaches for more convincing, effective and irrefutable outcomes. Attendees learned the basics of the most common social, mobile, commerce and web metrics, how metrics must reflect the business strategy, how they can guide UX, and which metrics suit which type of project. The talk focused on showing metrics in action based on a past case study by the presenter for major media client in New York.

See the full presentation on slideshare or watch it on YouTube.

Key Takeaways:

• Learn the basic web metrics- what they are and what they mean;

• See how metrics can guide UX, particularly in product research and concepting;

• Find out where and how to get metrics, and how to avoid the top 10 Newbie mistakes in analysis;

• Understand how metrics can apply to all steps of the UX process.

Speaker Bio:

Beverly is the founder and principal of OTV: a boutique Strategic UX consultancy based in New York and San Francisco. OTV was founded five years ago with a focus on metrics and data-driven UX driven by business strategy, which ensures a project’s features, experience and positioning deliver on the right business and customer objectives. Beverly is also the founder and organizer of the User Experience Awards, the first Awards to celebrate and reward outstanding UX. Historically held in NYC, the 4th Annual 2014 UX Awards will be held in San Francisco for 2014. Beverly is also the acting President of NYC-CHI, New York’s largest and oldest UX group.
Beverly has 15+ years’ specialization in UX and product development, spanning Canada’s first technology incubator and one the first digital agencies; major New York digital agencies; startups in educational software and data management; social matching, health tracking, hiring and music; enterprise software for the United Nations; and digital media for many top publishers. She holds an MBA from Oxford University, an MS in Interactive Systems Design from NYU and a BA from University of Toronto.

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