Workshop: Using Web Metrics for UX Benchmarking, Analysis and Ideation

Beverly May, Executive Director of the UX Awards, will be joining UX + Data Meetup on July 9th for a hands-on workshop on how to pull precious user and competitive performance insights from web analytics that you can use for UX concepting and refinements.

Are you making a submission to the Uxies? Your video could be featured at the beginning of July’s UX + Data Meetup.


When: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 6:45 PM


Pivotal Labs

625 Avenue of Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

W O R K S H O P   O V E R V I E W

This case-study based talk and workshop will focus on how common web metrics can be best used by UX professionals to assist in web-based projects for comparative analysis, research, UX evangelism and in concepting to generate new ideas and approaches. The first part will be a case-based talk based on the metrics research, analysis and ideation that Beverly did for a major media client in 2013-2014. Participants will be able to understand the approach taken and the outcomes. The second part will be structured as a workshop where the same techniques can be applied to your own projects and research.

This talk and workshop are intended for participants who already have some basic familiarity with metrics terms and ideas (uniques, time spent, bounce rates, etc.), though a deep or comprehensive understanding is not required. You’ll learn the basics of the most common social, mobile, commerce and web metrics; which metrics suit which type of project; and basic analysis and correlation techniques. The aim is to have participants leave with an understanding and roadmap and valuable new knowledge and skills they can apply to their own web-based projects.

This workshop is a precursor to a 4-hour version on the same topic that will be presented at the UXPA International conference in London, UK in July!

A G E N D A 

Part 1: Overview of common web metrics and sources, based on sample case study from a real past project that shows metrics data analysis in action- what types of metrics analysis was performed, why, and what the data revealed that was relevant to UX. The top “newbie” mistakes in metrics analysis and top publicly available metrics sources will also be covered  (45 m-1 hour, with Q&A)

Part 2: A how-to workshop to apply this approach to your own web projects. Bring your laptop and a sector or high-trafficked website you’d like to research, and we’ll pull the data and start to perform some competitive and UX analysis and ideation during the session, hopefully with a bit of time to share your learnings  (1 hour, with presentations and Q&A)

W H A T    T O    B R I N G    T O    T H E    W O R K S H O P

Each participant should come with a laptop and the name of a highly-trafficked website or web-based industry sector they’d like to research, or be willing to work on and observe someone else’s research. Some kind of spreadsheet program is essential.

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